At CMRB, we believe travel transcends mere destinations. It's about crafting experiences that resonate with your soul. We understand that every individual's ideal adventure is unique.

That's why we meticulously tailor bespoke itineraries, meticulously crafted to reflect your preferences and personality. Imagine journeys that ignite your passions, indulge your interests, and leave you with memories that last a lifetime.

Through our personalized approach, CMRB unlocks a world of possibilities, ensuring your travels are as extraordinary as you are.

CMRB elevates travel beyond mere destinations, crafting unforgettable journeys tailored to your desires. We unlock a world of possibilities, catering to every aspect of your experience with meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled service.

Unveiling the Seas: Imagine traversing turquoise waters aboard a meticulously maintained yacht, expertly chosen from our curated portfolio exceeding 8,000 vessels. Our extensive network grants access to exceptional yachts and sailboats at unbeatable prices. But CMRB goes beyond securing your ideal charter. Our dedicated concierge team, comprised of seasoned travel specialists, elevates your experience. We handle every detail, from crafting bespoke itineraries to fulfilling even the most high-end requests, ensuring your voyage is as extraordinary as the destinations you explore.

Seamless Sojourns: We remove the stress from your journey, offering seamless travel experiences from takeoff to touchdown. Our extensive network of airline and airport connections caters to your every need, be it corporate or personal travel. Imagine securing first-class or business-class flights at remarkably cost-effective prices. Our expertise allows us to unlock up to 30% discounts (subject to availability) and secure complimentary upgrades for an enhanced travel experience.

Flexibility & Sustainability: Unparalleled flexibility allows you to change or cancel flights up to 24 hours before departure (subject to airline policies). Furthermore, we prioritize sustainability. We work exclusively with airlines that utilize modern, carbon-conscious aircraft, minimizing your environmental footprint. Additionally, we can help you offset emissions through our curated selection of greener flight options.

Explore & Embark: Explore our comprehensive travel solutions, encompassing luxurious yacht charters and seamless air travel arrangements. Embark on a journey defined by comfort, convenience, and a commitment to the environment


CMRB curates a collection of extraordinary escapes, exceeding expectations with both exquisite villas and unparalleled hotel experiences.

Villas: Imagine private havens adorned with designer touches, meticulously chosen for their "wow" factor. We handpick idyllic locations across Europe, from Spain and its islands to Greece, with nearly all boasting private pools or beachfront settings for ultimate relaxation. Our dedicated concierge ensures a truly effortless experience, offering discreet recommendations, personalized suggestions, and seamless upgrades to fulfill any desire. Explore our curated villa collection and discover your own slice of paradise.

Hotels: Elevate your travel with unparalleled access to the world's finest hotels. Enjoy seamless early check-ins, extended late check-outs, and complimentary breakfasts. Our exclusive partnerships secure exceptional benefits, including up to 15% off standard rates and flexible cancellation policies. Additionally, indulge in a curated selection of amenities unique to each property. Envision yourself at legendary establishments or the serenity of Six Senses resorts. CMRB unlocks a world of luxury tailored to your desires – explore our bespoke hotel offerings and discover a new level of comfort and service.



For over a decades, CMRB has been the trusted source for VIP access to the world's most prestigious events. We curate calendars brimming with exclusive experiences in arts, sports, and entertainment – imagine A-list galas, premier sporting events, and captivating performances.

Our unmatched network unlocks these coveted experiences, ensuring exceptional service throughout your journey. With a depth of knowledge and unwavering support, CMRB caters to a global clientele of businesses and individuals. We exceed expectations, going beyond securing entry to meticulously handle every detail. Immerse yourself in the magic – explore our calendar and discover a world of unforgettable experiences, exclusively crafted by CMRB.