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Change Makers Rule Breakers

We are individuals drawn to impact investing with the intention to generate positive, measurable, social and environmental impact alongside a financial return and create a measurable benefit to society.

We’re leaders who thrive on exponential learning, innovators in our fields, and trendsetters in our professions.

We believe in making a social and environmental impact through setting aside investments in order for the investment to become partially self-perpetuating to accelerate greater impact collectively.

Ultimately, we care about our planet, animals, people, and believe we are all here with a purpose to contribute to the greater good of humanity.


Our Experiences

Change Maker Rule Breakers are leaders, innovators, and trendsetters who love to have fun!

We connect globally and locally through curated events, gatherings, and online events.

Global experiences and activated activities to think bigger and create action.

We rewrite the rules, think outside the box and strive for a better world.


Giving Back

CMRB global collaborates with Trusted partners, charities, and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) to maximise our positive impact.

Change Makers Rule Breakers are united in one cause; to live big, dream big and give back.

To tackle the environmental and humanitarian challenges of our lifetime CMRB has collaborated our collective effort with organisations over the past decade including:



Membership is reviewed by the CMRB Global Board of Advisers.

We welcome you to submit an application for membership, please click the below.


Bringing connections to life.


James Maskell
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Very rarely, an experience will transform your perspective and your life. In 2016, that happened to me on Necker Island, Sir Richard Branson’s home. The island is stunningly beautiful and has a magical energy that makes anything feel possible, but what was truly remarkable was the conversations that happened with Change Makers and Rule Breakers from all over the world. This incredibly diverse group of human beings at the top of their game, opened my mind up to a whole new world of possibility and led to connections that have transformed me as an entrepreneur and a person. CMRB changed my trajectory by connecting me to the purpose that catalyzed and connecting me to my purpose and delivering life long friendships ".
Linda Boyd
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“Traveling to Necker Island was one of the highlights of my professional career. The inspiration of the assembled group multiplied by the beauty and majesty of the island topped off with a hefty dose of Branson wisdom was unforgettable.“
Shelley Mack
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"I feel like the Change Makers Rule Breakers Necker Island gathering is an experience of a lifetime. To be on an absolutely stunning island with an incredible staff looking after you and to be connecting and learning from entrepreneurs who are inspired to make a difference in the world is indescribable. For me I left the island with newfound inspiration on how I can make a meaningful contribution".
Andre Quin
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"Joining a Change Makers Rule Breakers trip to Necker Island was one of the most exciting experiences of my life. Not only did I get to meet and extensively converse with one of the greatest entrepreneurs of all times, Sir Richard Branson, but I also got to meet 30..."
Benjamin Young
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"I heard about the Change Makers Rule Breakers experience through a friend I trusted. I didn’t fully know what I was going to experience but I went with an open mind. Being part of a very intimate group, sharing big ideas, learning from each other, and truly forming..."
Bobby Brannigan
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"If you’re a successful entrepreneur and you want to take your game to the next level, then this is the trip for you. The combined effect of spending a week on one of the most beautiful islands on the planet with a group of amazing entrepreneurs from around the world".
Gesche Haas
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"Change Makers Rule Breakers gathering on Necker Island to-date has been the most inspiring and life-changing trip I've ever been on. It's cheesy but true: I still pinch myself, wondering if this all really happened. The island is beyond beautiful, magical, truly. I met incredible entrepreneurs and still can't believe how much quality time I got with Sir Richard Branson himself. I can't wait to go back!"
Ashish Toshniwal
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"The week was amazing and I can't wait to connect with all of you again soon".
April Cleek
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"Love you all! Love what Change Makers Rule Breakers is all about and proud to be a part of it. 🙂"
Jacob Ohlson
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“What an absolutely amazing experience. The island is an oasis I’ve never experienced before, the staff go above and beyond, and the group are just sensational! I left with a new lease on life. Inspired personally and professional. If you are invited, I would recommend it 500%!!! An opportunity of a lifetime.”
Lisa Messenger
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“Going to Necker with Change Makers Rule Breakers was one of the most life changing, extraordinary, memorable moments of my life to date. The island and the time with Richard was everything and so much more than I could have ever imagined. It’s definitely somewhere I will be revisiting time after time and will no doubt become an annual pilgrimage.”
Alex Zak
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"What a great experience so many inspirational and motivational people all in one place!"
Winn Wittman
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"The Change Makers Rule Breakers trip to Necker Island was a transformative experience! From breakfast 'till the wee hours of the morning, the trip was packed with inspiration, perspiration, insight and wild flora and fauna. As vast as Sir Richard Branson's island was, it was practically overflowing with awesomeness!"